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VeghEsther, sometimes shortened to Vegh, is the leader of a generalist gamer group constantly mocked for no particular reason. VeghEsther first arrived at the Tales forums after the rainforests that provide his race with nourishment were torn down by rabid GameFAQs users.


In the wild, the VeghEsther typically lurks in the shadows until it sees a less experienced user upon which it can prey. Upon sight, it immediately forces its prey to listen to an incoherent lecture about how a specific Tales game works, usually by making comparisons to Tales of Eternia and fun-breaking advices . These lectures generally would be informative and useful if the information were not completely fabricated and backed up by baseless assumptions. It is also known to have messages that all look the same and are considered like message machine messages.


To protect oneself, one must block out all it says, which is, unfortunately, a lot. If it does not leave, one should promptly beg it to stop, which it will likely not do. Then, one may either run screaming with one's tail between one's legs, or flame it and risk a warning. Another way is just ignore him completely and focus on the main topic .


Several attempts have been made by users to convince the administrators to ban the VeghEsther. However, they responded by noting that, while annoying and usually wrong, the VeghEsther itself is harmless as it does nothing to violate the rules to get it banned.

This seems to have changed as of late, as the moderators have not only suspended him once, but TWICE in rapid succession. He is currently in purgatory for multiple modded messages.

Maybe he should change his user name

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