The Paper, also known as Jonathan, is a member of the Tales forums. For those who really know him, it is often said that Jon is nice to the point of it being rather disgusting. However, on the forum, he's a complete asshole. This incredible contrast in characters is a point of amusement for many Skypers.

He is currently dating Junpei Iori.

The Paper is known for his interest in the Final Fantasy series as well as other JRPGs. (Often, when someone wants his attention, they'll start spamming phrases like "Final Fantasty", "Zack", etc.[citation needed])

Video gamesEdit

The Paper's favorite video games include:

TV showsEdit

The Paper's favorite TV shows include:


The Paper's favorite musical genres include classical, rock, J-rock, and Jpop. He is not a picky listener and will listen to most genres.