The List of Who Likes Who (also known as The List or WLW) started out as an innocent list of people who had crushes on others. The first incarnation appeared during August of 2004 by long-gone member Yuna. However, that version was short-lived. Later on, Betaku created The New List of Who Likes Who, which saw four generations.

After its creation in September 2004, the New WLW quickly became an alternate version of Random Insanity, full of spam and eDrama. It eventually reached over 1000 pages, the last 10 or so of which mostly consisted of Kuri, Lady, and Umi talking about their wish to reach 1000 pages in the wee hours of the morning.

To mock WLW, The List of Who Doesn't Like Who was created,[timeframe needed] then eventually shut down.

Years later, a spin-off of the original WLW topics, The Topic of Love and Romance, was created by Beinke (who was, at the time, under the influence of alcohol).[timeframe needed] However, that, too, was short-lived: it was quickly locked by the moderators as it began to degenerate in order to prevent another WLW incident.

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