Shuya, formerly known as Toffee, is an openly homosexual user on the Tales forums. She actually will not shut up about it. She left the forums for the Tales of Forum.

Tales of ForumEdit

At the Tales of Forum, Toffee changed her name to what it is today.

There, she met another member, Flaming Prayer ("Lovey"). They soon formed a group by the name of "The Loveys", which Mai was forcibly made to join without consent. They went on a few spamming sprees, which each provoked a flame war or warning increase to be issued (Shuya's eventually reached around 80%). Shuya eventually began the Tales of Forum movie[1], a somewhat accurate representation of the history of the forum.

DevlJoe soon became irritated by the rule being violated by the group unnoticed and started a petition to ban them. It was signed by about 7 users before it was brought to their Loveys' attention by an unknown user (i.e Katz~). The administrators did not take kindly to the petition, and new rules were made[2]. Despite the constant cries from the users, the Loveys were never permanently banned and still make posts to this day.

Other Forums Edit

Shuya has joined many forums created by different members of the Tales forums. Most of them are spin-offs, but Shuya herself does not take a particularly great interest in the series herself. She eventually made her own forum entitled ShuFX, a graphics-related forum.

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