The Role-Play forum is an area where members can create their own roleplays in which they interact in a variety of member-created environments through a written storyline and series of events.

In general, the roleplays are literary—that is, written in narrative prose without definite statistics and skill sets (such as in tabletop RPGs). In other words, it primarily takes a form of collaborative fiction, wherein each user controls his or her own character(s). However, the influx of newbies to the section over the last months has caused the appearance of many "star action"-based roleplays and those consisting of short posts of prose that do not follow the traditional literary rules of writing.

Many roleplays are original or tie in very loosely with an existing medium's continuity. However, again, recent influx of new users has caused the appearance of more roleplays involving the same characters and storyline as the original series it is based on.

Some of the best known roleplayers include:

History Edit

The RP board started out as a single thread in General Discussion that saw a phenomenal success. By demand, the administrator Lord Fawkes Garde decided to create a forum where users could create their own roleplays.

Since then, a number of individual RPs have been started, though most of them die out before seeing their conclusion. There have been a few successes, amongst which The Great Quest, which had been running for over a year and then followed up by a sequel.

In recent times, a lot of new RPers have come to the RP boards and started using a simplified, script-like style for RPing. While this makes RPing more accessible to those who do not write well or want to put forth as much effort, it is generally looked down upon and even hated by some of the more dedicated RPers on the forum. These "RP-n00bs" seem to make a new RP every other day, each one exactly generic and boring as the next.

Despite the mass invasion of newbie roleplayers, many of whom try to use but haven't grasped literary roleplaying or use the "star actions" format, many successful and highly literary roleplays are still being created and enjoyed by more experienced members, and some older members have begun guiding the newer players in how to roleplay in a fully literary style.

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