Nintendo Master, formerly Anna_the_Ultimate_Kid, is a thirteen-year-old member of the Tales forums. She is considered among the more mature users of her age. Nintendo Master is an active poster at the Tales forums and was Shuya's now-defunct forum; she is also an administrator of Tales Galaxy. On the Tales forums, she has not posted for some time, although some users, such as sheena_Rox_my_sox, is trying to coax her into returning.

Nintendo Master is well known among the forums members for hating RoL. She recently joined forces with Frozenunx3, Presea_Fan92, Saori_WG, Flaming Prayer, KlarthLuver, Shuya, Mai, Einherjar, and Kuroda to protect her from his "evils". She tends becomes involved in many flame wars with him, and enjoys laughing at him when he is pwned.

Nintendo Master recently joined the infamous "Lovey" group with Mai, Shuya, and Flaming Prayer. However, nothing notable has happened since.

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