MoogleEXE (also known as Moogle.EXE, Moogle, Moog, Peter, and Shinji_Ikari) is a rather controversial member. After joining in December 2004, he became popular in RI and WLW. He created a Female alt named Lyra_Silvertongue, who was quite e-promiscuous. After a faked suicide attempt and the discovery that Lyra was his alt, he became rather notorious.

MoogleEXE became increasingly more epic as he kept posting, however. Some believe one of the peaks of epic was in SilverMonk's topic So This Is What Happened.... However, he gradually decreased in his epicness but did not fall to the low of many of the other banned members before they were banished. Near his banning, MoogleEXE was frequently caustic and overall offensive to the users around him.

Part of MoogleEXE's controversiality can be compared to that of Nali in the topic of romance. However, in MoogleEXE's case, he dates girls for a few months, and then their relationships fall apart via natural causes, whereas in Nali's case it's because he cheats on them. All of MoogleEXE's ex-girlfriends have different feelings about their relationship with him. The list is shorter than the one belonging to Nali.