Jaymonius is a Tales forum member. He joined on July 19, 2006.

Jaymonius mostly posts in Tales Series Discussion, but he has visited the other forums on occasional. While not nearly as active on Tales forums as he is on other communities, he knows Skie Fortress and Dr. Casey fairly well.

He is also well known as J-Man on Gamingworld and as Jaymonius in the Youtube community. He is at a beginner level in sprite making and also is involved in the RPG-developing projects through the RPG Maker software.

He also dreams of ruling the world, but it is nothing but a stupid one.

Jaymonius's favorite Tales characters are Farah, Rutee, Jade, Moses and Annie.

Jaymonius has now become a part of a group known as Team Azura, and particaptes in a series known as the B.S Battles, where he, Azura and Whitenekos go up against each other in a giant slugfest of video gaming to be the top banana, there are guests who come and join the battles on occasion, such as Ruler of Ice Squigi, and Homi-G.

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