Gyppy in her natural habitat.

GyppyGirl2021 was a member of the Tales forums. She was banned for sexual references involving two male Tales of Destiny characters.

Gyppy had very strong opinions about Tales pairings. She was known for getting extremely engaged in conflicts over pairings, and proved to be even more militant about them on the IGN boards, which she often visited. In fact, Gyppy announced her leave in the Hello and Goodbye Forum five times, each over a pairing conflict (usually some awful thing like a stick-figure Paint drawing of her least favorite pairing or trenchant criticism from Forum Games-frequenting twelve year olds), and eventually was banned due to a pairing war. She was also known for her exuberant obsession with Judas from Tales of Destiny 2, often writing disturbing and highly inappropriate fan-fiction featuring him and Kyle.

However, GyppyGirl is not only hated by the Tales Forum community. Eventually, she joined other sites to spread her love of Judas and attracted more hatred; this even occurred on the IGN boards. Ironically, on her own forums, Limitless Innovations, she threatened to report the flamers and spammers to IGN. Her forums were shut down only months after their birth when she posted a Fire Emblem hentai image on a thread.

Gyppy was often harassed for signing her name at the end of each of her posts, as so:

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