Daemonaic Mist was a small forum that was created to be run parallel to the Tales forums and as a backup, of sorts, in case of the collapse of the Tales forums or invasion by noobs. It was an exclusive forum to which only veteran Tales forum members were invited. It was hosted on Akurei Karasu's website.

The forum was destroyed during its transfer onto a new server, as it was deemed no longer necessary by the webmistress.

Fibris incidentEdit

One of the most notable events of Daemonaic Mist's short life was the Fibris incident, which had caused a whole lot of eDrama. One of the users had discovered a Tetris-like game called Fibris and had posted it to the forums. Many of the members began playing it, and a team was created for the members of this site. However, one of them, eternalZero, had misspelled Daemonaic Mist as Daemonic Mist, and consequently found himself unable to find the team. He created a new team whose name carried this misspelling.

That would not have been much of a problem, were it not for the fact that he had publicly displayed the Daemonaic Mist URL in the team's profile (which could not be edited after creation). Skythe joined this team after its creation when he, too, misspelled the forum's name. The other forum members, upon discovering the slip-up, immediately blamed him and went as far as threatening to ban him.

Some members, disapproving of the others' conduct and determined to discover the truth, joined the erroneous team under a new account and succeeded in proving the seniority of one of the other members in this team through the data provided in the member list. They sent this proof to Akurei Karasu, the administrator of the site.

Upon later signing on and discovering the eDrama, eternalZero admitted his error and apologized. The forum was moved to another directory on the site in order to protect the community's privacy, and the case was closed.