Curimuch's obsession.

Curimuch, formerly Killer Carrot, is a user known mainly for her love of all things StanxLeon. She has a habit of frequently making excessive typos (Such as "You bought spies!!") and pwning the crap out of GyppyGirl2021.

Curimuch also has a strong habit of analyzing things which gets her into debating and making large posts that intimidates most people.

Curimuch is a frequent user in the Tales Series Discussion. She occasionally visits Forum Games, Video Gaming, and Entertainment as well.

Curimuch was also referred to as "that vegetable bitch" by none other than our crazy, lovable pairing freak GyppyGirl2021.

She is a fan of the Lucky Star anime. She also loves Mario Lopez -- even more than she loves StanxLeon, which is saying something. Those lacking a sense of humor, however, they might be more satisfied to be told that she loves Nintendo's Mario.

On the forums, she is good friends with CloudXSword17, Aria, and many more. Her epic conquests on GyppyGirl2021's craziness has successfully earned her a big friend list on MSN, where many would be invited to talk about everything and nothing at the same time. MSN is a good place to dig for Curimuch-trademarked typos, for the ones she makes always give a complete new sense to a word. Her coherency with typos is a legend amongst these who know her.

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