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CloudXSword17's favorite character, Philia Philis(Tales of Destiny)

CloudXSword17 (more commonly known as Cloud) is great friends with Curimuch. He is known for having quite a loli fetish, as well as a robot fetish. He is also gay for Senel Coolidge from Tales of Legendia. His sexuality is often questioned, especially for being a known male supporter of Stan x Leon and for when he came into contact with the amazing schoolgirl!Senel drawing. He was curious as to why this costume was not available in the game itself. It was later discovered that he also has a thing for Senel's incredibly sexy moobs.

The thought of Tytree Crowe (Tales of Rebirth) cocking mushrooms is also quite appealing to him.

He is also known to fap over KOS-MOS of Xenosaga on a daily basis and doesn't like to think on most occasions. Walls of texts, otherwise known as rants and debates, scare him, the reason why he would sometime bicker with Conn and Curimuch. But he ends up losing anyway, because you just can't win against two geniuses at pwning people at the same time.

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