's butt

The Cameron, in afro form, in his natural surroundings.

The Sataka (Camera satacus), also known as the Cameron, is a wild beast found primarily in the Appalachian area of Pennsylvania. Its diet consists of small children that live in the villages that line the mountains, and it has been known to attack during the night to find its meals. Camerons have many hobbies, such as taking long walks on the beach, cultivating steam powered buffalo, and increasing their Post Count. If you should see a Cameron, it would be best to post and wait until an experienced vet comes by to laugh at your expense and noobishness. Its only weakness is the common toothbrush-knife, which is capable of rendering it helpless for slightly over a week. The Cameron often makes fun at others' expense, but ultimately gets its come-uppance when another vet such as MasterT or jesselt become big meanies.

Resident Tales forums SatakaEdit

The resident Sataka of the Tales forums is a mischievous creature. Due to his apparent fascination in Santa Claus and Star Wars, he was, at one time, known affectionately as SANTA FETT. He is known for playing several musical instruments, having an interest in being either a chef or a writer when he matures to his full age, and getting gas when eating anything remotely healthy for him. Even peas.

His new name, Candlejack, is named after a character in his favorite 90s TV show, Freakazoid. Whenever one would say his name, they would suddenly be kidnapped. Candlejack-nappings also appear in the internet world, as the mere mention of Candlejack's name can cause posts to seem unusually cut off, as if they had suddenly disappea-

"Hey, just who is this Candlejack Charac-" Doing it Correctly

"Hey, Candlejack is bad at World of War-" Doing it wrong.